Give Us the Swheat Life!

Discover why cats all over the world are joining an organization called the Litter Improving Cat Society (L.I.C.S.).

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Stops odors instantly

You probably love everything about living with your cat — except those litter box odors.

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Clay free & chemical free

Unlike most clumping litters, Swheat Scoop contains no silica dust, sodium bentonite or chemicals of any kind.

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Better for the Earth

While ordinary litters are mined and never decompose, Swheat Scoop is made from 100% biodegradable, renewable resources.

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Three ways to stop odors instantly
Original Formula Eliminates litter box odors even better!
Multi-Cat Formula Great for multiple cat homes!
Lightly Scented Formula An outdoor-fresh scent you and your cat will love!

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